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ABQ Youth Lax Board of Directors


Like our Organization, our Board Members and Officers are former players, coaches, officials, and parents who are dedicated to the growth of Lacrosse.  We are a 100% volunteer based organization who strive to provide our children with the best experience, in a fun, positive, and nurturing environment.  

ABQ Youth Lacrosse holds monthly board meetings on the second Monday of each month.  Active members, in good standing of ABQ Youth Lacrosse are welcome to attend board meetings.

Please contact the Board Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location.

Eric Whitson

Eric Whitson


Phone: ‚Äč(410)-459-9668

Jill van Nortwick

Jill van Nortwick

Girls Officials Liaison

Matthew Montoya

Matthew Montoya


Phone: (505) 301-4457

Candace Baca

Member At-large

Phone: (505) 804-5144

Audra Charity

Audra Charity

Vice President of Girls Operations

Phone: (505) 514-9930

Neal Piltch

Neal Piltch

Boys Officials Liaison

Monica Kimbrough

Member At-large

Phone: (505) 463-7397

Andrew Sweetman

Vice President of Boys Operations

Phone: (505) 228-4316

Eric  Telles

Eric Telles


Phone: (505) 681-9339


ABQ Youth Lacrosse



PO BOX 20711 

Albuquerque, NM  87154


Phone Number:  410-459-9668


Email Address: