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ABQ Youth Lacrosse 

About our Program 

Our mission

To help grow the game of lacrosse in New Mexico by providing sound fundamental lacrosse instruction to youth and High School players in a respectful, safe and fun environment.

What we offer

  • Youth Divisions - Boys and Girls Teams (Ages 7-14)
  • High School Divisions - Men's and Women's Teams
  • New Mexico Summer Lacrosse - Men's and Women's Teams (HS & Adults)
  • Fall Instructional Clinics - Geared towards the new player and existing players looking to develop their skills (Ages 7-18)
  • Annual Albuquerque Lacrosse Fiesta Tournament

What equipment will I need to start out?

  • A mouth piece (Check out our Partner Page for SISU Discounts)
  • Protective Cup  (Boys Only)
  • We provide a limited amount of loaner equipment
  • Check out our New to Lacrosse page in the Parent Portal for more complete first time buyers guide

Getting into Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a fast paced, exciting and dynamic activity. The sport is regarded as the fastest games on two feet and attributes from a variety of games such as Basketball, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey and Football can be seen in a match.

Lacrosse is an intense and physical game that requires speed, quickness, hand-eye coordination and a competitive instinct.

It is an active team sport providing a substantial aerobic and strength-building workout.  Lacrosse players need to have the strength and dexterity to catch the lacrosse ball, throw it and take shots at the opposing goalie. The intensity of the sport provides a wide range of physical health benefits both internally and externally, and can improve mental health.

Want to learn more about the game or about ABQ Youth Lacrosse?

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ABQ Youth Lacrosse



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Phone Number:  410-459-9668


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